Fuse box being installed into Head Teacher's office
Power point installation in classroom
Power assisting teachers and students
Power lines into Olbak school
10 telegraph poles required to get power across gorge and onto school grounds
Installation of electricity into one teacher house, many others have also paid for their own teacher house to be added to the electricity supply
Power sockets installed
Workmen digging manually to install telegraph poles
Telegraph poles carrying lines for power
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Dreadful working conditions for both teachers and students, broken and basic desks for students, dangerous holes in flooring, crumbling walls and floors, very dusty, no ceilings in some classrooms with holes to outside both on ceilings and round windows.
Lack of ceilings in classrooms
dangerous potholes in floors of classrooms and staff room
Crumbling floor, lots of dust, not a good environment in which to work
Louise in a classroom showing the poor decoration, its very difficult to put anything at all on the walls as they just crumble, no paint on walls either. desperately requires renovation
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Meeting with contractors at start of water project
Meeting with contractors and Mr Mosha who donated the land to the villagers
Meeting with parents
Meeting with parents
On Mount Meru searching for a water source
Meeting with contractors
Meeting with contractors
Louise presenting to parents, staff, education officers and dignitaries a plaque from Rotary Club of Blaby and friends of the school who contributed towards the electricity project
Visiting some children being sponsored through their education
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Tumaini Jipya - New Hope


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Tumaini Jipya - New Hope @ 2017

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10 telegraph poles required to get power across gorge and onto school grounds