Louise visits Tanzania two or three times a year at least and is in touch with representatives and friends within this area daily.  The people in the rural areas of Tanzania have very little. They have no water or electricity, there is a lack of employment, poor health care and many are lacking in education.  We hope to be able to assist them in having the basic needs for living a more healthy life, gaining skills and education to be able to give the foundations for them to live in a safer environment, being able to bring home an income and to give the foundations to allow the communities to develop and to offer them knowledge, self-esteem, motivation, encouragement and the understanding as well as the practical necessities to allow the communities to thrive without having to rely on others.

It is not our intention for the communities to become dependent on us but to give the foundations on which they can grow and develop and take ownership for themselves.



Tumaini Jipya - New Hope


21 The Pastures



LE19 3DS

Tumaini Jipya - New Hope @ 2017

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