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Tumaini Jipya - New Hope @ 2017


Evalyne was introduced to Louise on a visit to Tanzania.  She is 9 years old.  She had a deformed arm and hand from birth and it was beginning to get extremely heavy and painful for her.  

On Louise's last visit she took Evalyne, her aunt and Christopher to Dar Es Salaam to see a specialist found through our trainee doctor and his contacts.  He X-rayed the arm and hand and examined her and said he could operate.  He also told Louise about the health insurance you can pay for for children, which is not expensive for us but far too expensive for Tanzanians.  Louise arranged Evalyne's insurance before she left Tanzania and Christopher took her and her aunt to Dar for her operation just before Christmas.  We bought her a bed to keep her wounds clean and she has just been back for a check-up.  She may require a follow up operation to remove some more tissue but she is getting on well and it has been drastically improved.  She goes to school every day and can also help her family in the fields which is good for the family too.

Gody and Pendaeli Louise also saw a couple of children with problems with their feet and ankles.  There were from a Masai village and only spoke Masai.  We took them to the Plaster House in Ngaramtoni to se if they could be helped and it was decided that they could be helped.  We provided the insurances for them and paid the fee for them to have physiotherapy before their operations and about intense physiotherapy after the operation.  Pendaeli and Goldy had to stay at the Plaster House for a number of months and we assisted the parents to visit a couple of times. We had to wait until a consultant surgeon was in Arusha. We took the parents to see the home first and to see the people who would be caring for the boys while they were having treatment and Louise visited whilst they were there.  It is a very welcoming place with a number of 'mums' supervising them and physiotherapy is provided on site.  They also arranged the operations at the hospital in Ngaramtoni /Arusha and again the insurance covered the cost of the operations. Louise witnessed the children that had had the operation done at various stages of recovery and they really can get the children walking properly instead of on the sides of their feet because their ankles are deformed.  Pendaeli and Goldy are now home and wearing shoes!  I couldn't even see where they had had their operations when I visited them recently and as a bonus Pendaeli has learned Kiswahili while he has been at the home!

Sayuni  Sayuni is a double amputee aged 14/16.  She had a very old wheelchair that was not suitable for school and getting around.  She was also putting on weight as she had just been sitting at home.  We found a doctor that did prosthetics and linked with another charity, Legs for Africa, and Louise took out parts from the UK for her to have legs made.  We also found a Rotary Club in Tanzania that donated tricycles so she now has one of these.  Her legs are still being constructed as she needs refits but it won't be long. 

If you would like to help with children who require corrective surgery  please contact us.

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