The community of Olkokola have built a community hospital but there are no resources.  They have tiled rooms for an operating theatre but have no funds available to equip it.  If we can do this it will enable faster responses to urgent medical care for this entire region.  They also have bed-frames without mattresses and those mattresses that were seen were torn and filthy.  Our water project will also assist this hospital.  We will require about £5000 for the operating theatre equipment and about £5000 for mattresses, paint, medical equipment etc for general medical provision.


Louise spent some time visiting this hospital in one of the local villages.  It is a district hospital for the area.  Doctors operate here but the only monitoring equipment in the theatre is the sort that we use for blood pressure monitoring and oxygen content of blood that we use at the bedside for general hourly checks!  They are also desperate for an X-ray machine.  They have two warm baby cots but they no longer work, these are used on delivery usually.  They have many women attending as they have had children at home and have had complications and its only later that they present with problems and they also have a lot of patients with AIDS/HIV.  They have a separate theatre for amputations and the doctors carrying out the operations are general practitioners.   Thankfully they have not had anyone die through or during surgery.  They tend to carry out minor operations and amputations but I was surprised to find that they do a  lot of hysterectomies.  Thankfully more are trying to get to hospital to give birth but it depends on how far they have to travel without transport.  It would be great to provide them at least with an X-ray machine.  At present we are trying to fund a commercial washing machine because they are using a very old domestic washing machine that is on 'its last legs!'


The classrooms are in urgent need of repair.  Floors are incredibly potholed and crumbling.  Walls are falling apart and there are large holes around all the window frames. Floors need levelling and tiling and walls require plastering and painting.  Some classrooms have no ceilings at all.  This will be costly venture but much needed.  We will keep costs as low as possible as the community will provide the labour and we will provide the materials.  This can be broken down into smaller projects to spread costs also and the floors are the priority​ and then ceilings, some classrooms are without these.  The total cost will be around £25,000 for all renovations but broken down into smaller projects can be funded as donations come in.

NB  We have just completed refurbishing two classrooms by getting the work done by people in the community.


The electric milling machine has its own building now but the school still requires a kitchen to provide food in a more healthy environment.  At present the food is prepared on wood fires in big pots which gets very smoky in the small covered area used and then portioned out using a mug.  Having a kitchen with water and calor gas will enable better and healthier preparation of food in a more hygienic environment.  £3000.


We have four desktop computers, a printer and a projector as well as five boxes of books and tables and chairs for two classrooms to send out to the school. This will help with offering resources for staff and students as they can then access internet and link with other schools and also have some books to improve reading and understanding.  We are looking for discounts from freight companies at present and also have a request out to MOD regarding operating theatre equipment that may also require freighting to Tanzania.  £1000-1500.


A hostel is required to be built at the secondary school.  Unfortunately if girls make it to secondary education they can often be needed at home to clean and do housework or they are married very early and then are prevented from attending the school.  The school wishes to have a hostel for girls to stay at the school so the staff have more influence to try to ensure girls complete their education and obtain qualifications and prevent early pregnancy.  Approx. £28,000 for 100 girls.

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